Friends & Family Test by Elephant Kiosks

We are so sorry for the loss of your loved one. We hope that you found the care that we were able to provide was of help. The questions that follow will require you to think about how Livewell staff cared for the person who was close to you in their last few days. We would really value your views on the service we offered so that we can ensure the best possible care is provided. This may not be something you feel able to do. If so, please simply do not continue. Many thanks from Livewell Southwest.

We will refer to the person who died as 'the person' in all the questions that follow. We hope this is not an insensitive term, however, this survey is for anyone who was close to the person who died and so we have had to use as broad a term as possible. The questions all relate to the last few days or weeks of their life.